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Brothers all the Same by ChippySmurf Brothers all the Same by ChippySmurf
Some older artwork from before my computer went bust, so this will probably be redrawn, but I just wanted to show you guys some designs and some old friends!

Here we have the male children from Scar and Sarabi. If you're asking why Simba is included, it'll all be explained soon-ish. But for now, a little info on the boys from left to right! Their sisters will be in an upcoming submission followed by their half siblings.

Simba: The secret bastard child of Scar and Sarabi, passed off as Mufasa's with no suspicion. Thanks to his primarily golden genes (due to his great-grandmother's scheming) he looks very much like his grandfather Ahadi while taking a more similar build to his great-grandfather Mohatu. Chased off by hyenas after Mufasa's death, he was left with one lasting thought, "It was Scar's fault." Simba lived in the jungle of the Lowlands until he was an adult, having a small romance with the Msitu pride's princess, before Rafiki and Nala find him and bring him back to the Pridelands. When he returns he's greeted with a drought, new siblings, and what he believes is a usurper on the throne.

Nukato: The youngest of all of Scar and Sarabi's children being born an hour after his sister Ari, Nukato (also called Nuka) was groomed alongside his brother Tau to be next in line to the throne. However, their training was cut short when Simba returned and the end of Scar's reign as king fell upon the lands. Sarabi, in order to protect her son, asked her closest friend Zira to take him into exile and raise him so he would escape Simba's wrath. Nuka played along, calling Zira his mother and protecting Nala's daughter Vitani (unbeknownst to Simba) whom Zira also was adopting as her own. Nuka would later slowly forget his life in the Pridelands and his real mother, but never forgetting his father due to Zira speaking of him often. Sarabi would find Nuka the day of her death and would kick start her youngest son's memory, and fueling a hatred of his eldest brother in him.

Upendo: Second born in Scar and Sarabi's first litter as ruler,s Upendo was from the start chosen to secure an alliance of some sort. He took much after Sarabi's side of the family and would be one of only two children to receive his father's bright green eyes. Upendo was betrothed to the second born of the Msitu pride's princesses and left the Pridelands when he was an adolescent to fulfill that betrothal. He and Nyima, the princess in question, would grow to love one another quickly and effortlessly. Upendo and Nyima would often sneak out into the jungle to spy on Nyima's older sister Nyoyta and the golden lion she fancied. It was when Nyota was found to be pregnant from this rogue that her father disowned and excommunicated her from the pride, leaving Nyima to be next in line, and Upendo to be the future king of the pride.

Tau: The first born son in Scar and Sarabi's first litter as rulers. Named in honor of his "deceased" elder brother, Tau followed suit and took much after his ancestors instead of his mother and father. His appearance unnerved his father as he grew up because everyday he would look more and more like Scar's grandmother; the lion who gave him his trademarked scar. Tau never wanted to be king but he trained with his father because he understood duty more than anything. When his little brother Nukato was born, he was more than happy to help train his new brother to be king. When Simba returned, Sarabi begged her second-born to pretend that he was Mufasa's son in fear of what Simba might do to him. Simba accepted the story with no problems and welcomed Tau with open arms. When Sarabi told Simba of his real father, as well as Tau's, and the rest of his siblings, Simba almost threatened his brother with exile. The two remained on rocky terms from there on out until Sarabi's death when they reconciled and Tau became one of Simba's most trusted advisers. Tau would also be responsible for arranging so Simba could meet the rest of his younger siblings besides Nuka, whom Tau remained quiet about for his safety.

So there we go! Hopefully I'll get some scenes of these guys up soon because I love their designs and how their stories play out.
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FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
I love the concept of Sarabi and Scar= Nuka. It's my favorite theory appart Scar+Nala= Vitani
ChippySmurf Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Their colors mesh well to make him, don't they? :D
FeuerKnight Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016
ShadowCatsKey Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
Having Simba be a child of Scar and Sarabi isn't a headcanon I have seen before! Kudos to you for thinking outside of the box, it certainly sounds like an intriguing story :) I also like all of the effort you put into both the siblings' stories, and their designs. Great work! :)
ChippySmurf Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D 

I'm trying to do a lot of things outside the box. I haven't seen a headcanon in a while that shows why Zira is so faithful to Scar and not having her be either his daughter or his mate, nor have I seen a headcanon where Scar gets his scar from somewhere other than Ahadi (him being an asshole or not). I just want to try a lot of different things with this headcanon universe and I think I'm going to make a lot of good progress!

Also wait until you see their sisters, they give the boys a run for their money. ;D
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October 21, 2016
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